Colour and finish options

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For technical reasons paint colours may not match exactly to the samples shown and should be used for illustrative purposes only.  It should also be noted that due to manufacturing tolerances, radiators ordered and produced may also differ in finished colour from any previously ordered.

Please contact us to arrange for colour charts or swatches to be posted before ordering.

Twister Vertical

The Twister delivers a bold and unusual elegance. Hand-formed design using unique, manual twisting processes such that some variation in measurement and uniformity may occur.

The bars are twisted along their entire length to reveal attractive alternating brushed and polished steel. Twister has 3 twist options: 180° for half a twist, a 360° full twist and 720° for 2 full twists.

Also available in a range of other sizes and luxury finishes from our bespoke range.

£1,170.66£2,093.87 inc. VAT

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