Colour and finish options

Available within 6-8 weeks.

For technical reasons paint colours may not match exactly to the samples shown and should be used for illustrative purposes only.  It should also be noted that due to manufacturing tolerances, radiators ordered and produced may also differ in finished colour from any previously ordered.

Please contact us to arrange for colour charts or swatches to be posted before ordering.

Ada Bespoke Cast Iron Feet

Traditional Cast Iron feet for the Ada Bespoke. The number of feet required varies depending on the width of your chosen radiator:

All models up to 20 sections (944mm) will require 2 feet.

Odd number 21-49 sections (990+mm) require 3 feet, one at each end and one centrally.

Even numbers 22-50 sections (1036mm+) require 4 feet, one at each end and two evenly spaced.


£63.00£157.50 inc. VAT

Bespoke order items cannot be cancelled once confirmed by return order confirmation. Please contact the sales team before ordering if you require more information on bespoke orders.

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