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House of Radiators : Your Guide to Buying

What type of heating do I have?

Most of our products are designed for central heating but did you know that many can be converted to work on electric or as a dual fuel set up.

What type of valve do I need?

Do you need angled, straight, corner or a mixed set? What diameter are your pipes? Do you need a bore reducer? Your questions answered here.

Wall or floor mounting?

Many of our products have a choice of wall or floor mounting plus options on the type of floor fixings, from pipes to cast iron feet.. Which is right for you.?

What material is best?

Our products are made from a range of materials all with their own benefits. Stainless steel, aluminium, cast iron, brass. What should you look for when choosing?

Calculating heat

A gorgeous looking radiator also needs to put out the right amount of heat. Our guide will explain how to work out the right way to do it.


We aim to offer the most flexible arrangements for both offline and online payments. View our guide to deposits and other payment options.


Most of our work is based in the UK but we can deliver worldwide. Here is our handy guide to delivery options and what to expect on delivery day.


In the event that you change your mind or on the rare occasion the product has a defect, what are your rights and how do go about returns, replacements or refunds.

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